4 comments on “Egypt’s Greco-Roman Period

  1. This is very interesting. When I was much younger I studied the period when Caesar stood by Cleopatra and the events which followed. It seems to me that it was it was a very tragic era. It’s difficult to tell at times just exactly what happened and how much of the history and documents which we have to study are accurate. I guess only by reading everything that is available can one get as close to the truth as possible. Obviously you have a huge storehouse of knowledge and I am very grateful to be able to learn so much from one source. Isn’t it ironic how a person as great as Alexander should also be such an incredibly tragic figure in so many ways? At least that’s what I have always thought. Thank you, Zor’ra

  2. Egypt probably was the most supportive of Alexander of all his conquests as they saw him as a liberator from Persian rule.

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