Brief Chronology Of Alexander’s Life


  • 356 BC Birth of Alexander The Great
  • 343 BC Aristotle arrives in Macedonia as Alexander’s tutor
  • 338 BC Philip victorious at battle of Chaeronea. Alexander visits Athens. Alexander goes into exile
  • 337 BC League of Corinth meets, authorizes invasion of Persian Empire
  • 336 BC Darius III becomes king of Persia. Alexander returns from exile. Murder of Philip; ascension of Alexander to throne of Macedonia
  • 335 BC Alexander campaigns on the Danube. Revolt and destruction of Thebes
  • 334 BC Alexander crosses into Asia Minor. Battle of the Granicus. Capture of Miletus and Halicarnassus
  • 333 BC Episode of the Gordion Knot. Battle of Issus
  • 332 BC Siege of Tyre. Capture of Gaza. Alexander enters Egypt
  • 331 BC Alexander visits oracle at Siwa. Battle of Gaugamela. Alexander enters Babylon
  • 330 BC Persepolis captured and burned. Death of Darius. Conspiracy of Philotas
  • 329 BC Alexander crosses the Hindu Kush, reaches the Oxus River, advances to Samarkand; defeat of Bessus
  • 328 BC Murder of Cleitus the Black
  • 327 BC Marriage to Roxane. Alexander invades India
  • 326 BC Battle of the Hydaspes. Death of Bucephalas
  • 325 BC Alexander reaches the sea; march through the Gedrosian desert; voyage of Nearchus and the fleet
  • 324 BC Alexander returns to Persia. Mass marriages at Susa. Death of Hephaestion
  • 323 BC Alexander The Great returns to Babylon. Death of Alexander in June

Source : Alexander The Great by Philip Freeman

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